According to a summary by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the number of applicants for national and public universities decreased from the previous year in the university entrance examinations in 2015, but increased at private universities.In the science of the center test, it is mandatory for liberal arts students to take two subjects from "physics", "chemistry", "biology", and "geography", and the range of questions for science students has expanded. It is believed that he avoided the university and aimed for a private university.

 According to the Ministry of Education, the number of applicants for national universities was 38, a decrease of 8,690 from 2014, and the ratio was 6,426 times, which was lower than 4.0 times in 2014.The number of public universities is 4.1, which is 15 less, and the ratio is 4,372 times, which is lower than 3,471 times in FY5.4.On the other hand, at private universities, 2014 volunteers, 5.6 more than in 2014.The magnification remained unchanged at 5x.The total number of applicants is 3,150, with a magnification of 354 times.The AO admission test, which decides whether to pass or fail by comparing the image of the applicant with the image of the student requested by the school, was conducted at 6,046% of the national universities, which is more than half of the total, at 7.7 schools and 408 faculties, and 9,108 students were enrolled.The number of universities, faculties, and enrollees is increasing slightly.Although the number of faculties in public universities decreased and the number of universities in private universities decreased, the number of enrolled students increased.The number of recommended entrance exams for national, public, and private schools is almost the same as in FY7.0.

 Public junior colleges have 6,766 applicants for admission, with a magnification of 2.3 times, and private junior colleges have 8 applicants for admission, with a magnification of 9,471 times.In both cases, the number of applicants has decreased and the ratio has also decreased.The number of students enrolled in junior colleges has decreased in both public and private schools, suggesting that the tendency of examinees to take a four-year system is increasing.Junior college AO entrance exams are held at 1.4% of private junior colleges, and the number of enrollments has increased slightly to 4.

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