The Japan Medical Research and Development Organization has adopted an international collaborative research program with Nagasaki University, Hokkaido University, and the Jikei University School of Medicine as a neglected tropical disease control program in Africa.The project was established in 5 after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised to start a new international joint research on tropical disease control at an international conference in May, and the three universities will collaborate with universities and research institutes in African countries. We will proceed with research on rapid diagnostic methods and countermeasures against mosquitoes that act as mediators.

According to the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, the joint research of Nagasaki University is partnered with the Kenya Central Medical Research Institute in Kenya.Along with building a network that can be used for tropical disease countermeasures led by Professor Satoshi Kaneko, we aim to develop batch and simultaneous diagnostic technology for multiple infectious diseases.Hokkaido University, led by Professor Sadahiko Suzuki, aims to develop a rapid diagnostic method and create a countermeasure model based on risk analysis in collaboration with the University of Zambia in Zambia.The Jikei University School of Medicine, together with the University of Wagaduk in Burkina Faso, will carry out research on mosquito control that transmits dengue fever by Professor Hiroki Kasuga and others.
Neglected tropical diseases are 17 parasites, bacteria, and viral infections such as dengue fever, schistosomiasis, rabies, Hansen's disease, and lymphatic filariasis that the World Health Organization (WHO) must control.It is widespread in 149 countries and regions, mainly in tropical regions such as Africa and the poor, and it is said that more than hundreds of people in the world are threatened.

Compared to tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria, which are considered to be the three major infectious diseases, the interest of countries around the world is low, and sufficient measures have not been taken.Infected areas are mainly areas with many poor people such as urban slums and conflict areas, but with global warming, cases of infection in new areas are becoming more prominent, and international measures are urgently needed.
In the international joint research program, universities and research institutes in Japan and African countries will work together to develop preventive, diagnostic, drug discovery, and treatment methods for tropical diseases, and to foster young African researchers through joint research. I am doing it.

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The origin of Hokkaido University dates back to Sapporo Agricultural College, which was established in 1876.Throughout its long history, we have cultivated the basic principles of "frontier spirit," "cultivating internationality," "education for all," and "emphasis on practical studies."Based on this philosophy, he has a high level of academic background that is internationally accepted, and has accurate judgment and a leader […].

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Based on the founding spirit of "Disease the sick without diagnosing the illness," we develop a unique curriculum that fosters a high degree of specialization and humanity.We practice group work and practice-based education in small-group education, value the individuality and independence of each student, and comprehensively cultivate the qualities and abilities required of good medical professionals.University […]

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Nagasaki University consists of practical faculties such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, fisheries, education, economics, and environmental science, as well as multicultural sociology faculties aiming to develop global human resources in the humanities and sociology. A unique university.By developing a unique curriculum and campus environment, each student can grow in their respective fields […]

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