Hakuhodo's branding organization "Hakuhodo Brand Design" has decided to hold a brand design contest "BranCo!" For university students together with the University of Tokyo (Liberal Arts Education Advancement Organization).The contest is a learning-style contest that was launched with the aim of communicating to students the importance and appeal of "branding," which "Hakuhodo Brand Design" handles as a daily business. It started as an expansion project of the active learning type class "Brand Design Studio" that is being held at the College of Liberal Arts in 2012, and this is the 4th time.

 Participants are university students and graduate students.Regardless of the faculties such as liberal arts, science, and art, 1 to 3 people from one team work together to investigate the subject matter from various perspectives, think through the essence, and compete against each other for attractive brand ideas. increase.Participating students can learn the concept and thinking process of "Hakuhodo Brand Design" through seminars and presentations.

 In 2014, 61 people from 152 teams from 558 universities including the University of Tokyo, Waseda University, and Chuo University participated in the preliminary round. We competed to design a new brand with the theme of "lie".At the mid-term seminar, work was given on brand design methods, and at the final, a very high-level presentation was given.

 Those who wish to participate should register for participation by November 2015, 11 using the dedicated form. On November 24, a briefing session including theme presentations will be held at the University of Tokyo's Komaba Campus, and a one-point seminar and social gathering will be held after the briefing session.After that, after the qualifying presentation on February 11, 28, the final presentation (scheduled to be open to the public) will be held on March 2016.

Source: [Hakuhodo Brand Design] Announcement of Brancho! 2015

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