Mynavi Corporation conducted the "2018 Mynavi Parents' Awareness Survey on Job Hunting Activities" targeting 3 parents who have children with job hunting experience who graduated in March 1,000.The result was announced.

 According to the survey, "Companies that want children to work" are 1st "Public servants (government offices, local governments, etc.) 170 points", 2nd "Toyota Motor 36 points", 3rd "NTT 18 points", 4 The ranks were "Japan Airlines (JAL) 13 points" and "Panasonic 13 points", and companies familiar to the parents' generation were listed.

 "What I did as employment support for children other than financial support" was most often "creating an atmosphere and environment that doesn't care too much, 45.9%", followed by "helping to improve grooming, 26.5%". , "Advice on choosing a company, 21.3%" followed.Parents tended to respect children's independence, such as "creating an atmosphere and environment that doesn't care" rather than "advice."In addition, the "environment for job hunting activities for children" from the perspective of parents was "easy environment (somewhat + considerably), 38.5%", an increase of 2017 points compared to FY4.0.It was found that the seller market is gradually infiltrating the parents of job hunters.

 Current job hunting is often compared to the so-called bubble era in the "seller market".Therefore, I asked the parents of the generation who were job hunting at that time (who started job hunting as a new graduate from 1986 to 1992) about their job hunting activities. 1st place "Transportation expenses were often paid 27.9%", 2nd place "Suit (color and shape) was free 27.1%", 3rd place "Job information magazine arrived like a mountain" 26.8% ”, showing the circumstances of job hunting unique to the bubble generation.

Reference: [Mynavi Corporation] 2018 Mynavi Parents' Awareness Survey on Job Hunting

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