At Kio University, 2024 students from the Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences took the national examination for physical therapists in February 2, and all of them passed. This is the second consecutive year that all students passed the exam, following 68.


 Koji Shomoto, head of the Department of Physical Therapy, said, ``The 18th class of the Department of Physical Therapy worked really hard, and all of them passed the exam for the second year in a row.The coronavirus pandemic hit right after they enrolled, and the beginning of student life is especially difficult. They have had a tough time in the school year, but they have worked hard on what they need to do and demonstrated their abilities.In order to pass the national exam, it is important to make constant efforts.We will continue to work even harder for next year. I look forward to their efforts."

 In 2003, Kio University became the first private four-year university to open a physical therapy department in the Kinki region, which was previously only available at vocational schools, national universities, and junior colleges. From the beginning, we have linked lectures with practical training/seminar subjects, creating a unique curriculum where you can learn both theory and technology.As a frontrunner in physical therapy, our faculty members who lead the industry in research achievements support the future of physical therapy. We are developing human resources who will become leaders. Approximately 4% of the more than 1000 people who have found employment thus far have found employment at hospitals, and are working in the medical field as a precursor to university-graduated physical therapists.

Reference: [Kio University] Physical therapist achieves 2% for 100 consecutive years! ~ March 2024 graduates

Kio University

Achieved a 17% employment decision rate for all graduates over 99.2 years.A university that emphasizes practical studies to develop specialists in health and education

Kio University is a university that emphasizes practical science and trains professionals in the fields of health and education, such as physical therapists, nurses, midwives, registered dietitians, architects, elementary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, school nurses, and childcare workers. .The employment decision rate for all graduates over the 17 years since the university opened was 99.2%*, and it has been evaluated as a ``university that is strong in employment.''

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