A joint research project between Sumida Ward, Tokyo, Chiba University, Sanko Printing Co., Ltd., and Nikko Process on the inheritance of printing craftsmanship techniques using AI (artificial intelligence) received the Research Presentation Encouragement Award from the Printing Society of Japan. Research in which AI learns the color correction techniques possessed by skilled printers has paved the way for printing companies to use digital technology to carry out the necessary skill transfers as the shortage of craftsmen worsens.

 According to Chiba University, the joint research has enabled AI to use deep learning to learn the advanced color correction techniques possessed by skilled printing craftsmen, making it possible to pass on the skills cultivated over many years even when there is a shortage of craftsmen to take over. The Printing Society of Japan highly evaluated the high quality of the research as well as the great social impact it would have, and selected this joint research for the Encouragement Award.

 Sumida Ward, along with neighboring Koto Ward, is home to a large concentration of printing companies and their affiliated companies, but it faces many challenges, including the aging of printers, a labor shortage, and changes in the market environment. Many printing companies are small and medium-sized, and do not have the know-how or management resources to utilize cutting-edge technology, so technology transfer is slow.

 Chiba University entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement with Sumida Ward in 2017, and opened the Sumida Satellite Campus in 2021. While conducting research to solve local social issues at the Sumida campus, a joint research project aimed at passing on craftsmanship skills has begun as a bridge between Sumida Ward and Sumida Ward.

reference:[Chiba University] Industry-academia collaborative research that supports technology succession and innovation in the printing industry has received the Japan Printing Society Encouragement Award - Joint research between Sumida Ward, Chiba University, Sanko, and Nikko Process has been highly praised - (PDF)

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