The five national universities in Shikoku, Tokushima, Naruto Education, Kagawa, Ehime, and Kochi, have revised their Joint Declaration on the Promotion of Gender Equality and added items aimed at creating an environment where female researchers can thrive. The new joint declaration was approved by the Shikoku National Universities Council.

 According to Kagawa University, the new joint declaration emphasizes the need to incorporate diverse perspectives and ideas into research activities and revitalize the university by supporting the success of female researchers. The plan is to focus on creating a research environment where female researchers from all over the world can gather in Shikoku and work globally based on their respective regions.

 Furthermore, by collaborating with local governments, businesses, research institutions, and citizens in Shikoku, we aim to contribute to the realization of a university and society where individuals can express their individuality.

 Shikoku is suffering from rapid population decline and an aging population, as well as an exodus of talented people from the region, a serious labor shortage, and local economic deterioration. The five universities say that in order to overcome the current situation, it is necessary to create a work environment that is attractive to women and young people, and to promote employment and retain human resources.

reference:[Kagawa University] About “Building an environment in Shikoku where female researchers can thrive - Joint declaration to promote gender equality by five national universities in Shikoku”

Tokushima University

Learn for yourself and deepen your quest. Fostering "human power = power to live better"

In 2019, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of our founding, and it is a comprehensive university with 6 faculties (faculty of science, medical school, dentistry, pharmacy, science and engineering, faculty of bioresource industry) and 2 campuses.Through a wide range of academic fields, we develop human resources who have a broad perspective, take a bird's-eye view of things, and are backed by high ethics and are rich in humanity.The whole university is united […]

Kochi University

From Kochi to the world with rich sensibility and five high abilities

As the only national university in Kochi Prefecture, it features interdisciplinary education on the region, ocean, disaster prevention, and medical care, teaches globally accepted knowledge and ideas, and contributes to the development of the region through practical activities in the region. We carry out education through "community collaboration" with the aim of developing human resources who can.Bringing the results obtained in the region to the world […]

愛媛 大学

Creating a student-centered university, a university that shines with the community, and a university that connects with the world

Shikoku's largest comprehensive university consisting of seven faculties: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Co-creation, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Agriculture.We are promoting the creation of a unique university by taking advantage of our strengths such as the ability development of faculty and staff centered on the Academic Activities and Education Planning Office centered on the Advanced Research Center.Ability to learn, think and practice by oneself and next […]

Kagawa University

To be a creative and humanized professional / researcher with our unique Trinity Education (DRI Education)

Kagawa University's philosophy is "to train creative and humane professionals and researchers through world-class education and research activities, lead the local community, and contribute to the realization of a symbiotic society." 6 We are educating about 5,600 students in the faculty.As a pillar of education common to all undergraduate students, it is a unique third place […]

Naruto University of Education

Learn new education in a new era at a leading university in teacher education

Naruto University of Education is a university that fosters human beings who can live independently in the global society in the 21st century and contributes to the creation of culture and the development of the nation and society. With the motto "Training teachers with rich individuality-", we train teachers who will be active in the 21st century.With teachers […]

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