Associate Professor Hiroyuki Ishii of Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering and Genics Co., Ltd., a robotics venture from Waseda University Graduate School, have jointly succeeded in developing a next-generation fully automatic toothbrush. We exhibited at the world's largest consumer electronics and electronics technology exhibition "CES 2019" held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for 1 days from January 8th to 11th, 4.

 CES "Consumer Electronics Show" is one of the world's largest tech trade shows since 1967.Not only home appliances but also autonomous driving, start-ups, sports, etc. have entered the market and are now positioned as a hub for innovation.

 The next-generation fully automatic toothbrush under development automatically brushes all teeth in a short time without the need for hand brushing.A brush planted on the mouthpiece follows the shape of the dentition and moves back and forth and left and right by a small motor to remove plaque from multiple teeth at the same time.It can efficiently polish the back of the teeth in a short time, and the plaque removal rate is about the same as when brushing by hand.

 Toothpaste leads not only to the prevention of tooth decay but also to the prevention of periodontal disease, which causes various diseases such as heart disease, but in modern society, many people lack the skills and time required to brush their teeth. ing.In addition, there are many people who cannot brush their teeth on their own, such as the elderly and those with disabilities in the upper limbs.With this fully automatic toothbrush, we meet the needs of "easily and surely clean teeth".

 Through this exhibition, we aim to raise development funds, mass production partners, collaborative partners, and market development.We plan to repeat demonstration experiments in the future and carry out trial sales by the end of FY2019.

 Genic Co., Ltd. is a robot venture company from Waseda University with its head office in the Waseda University Incubation Center. In April 2018, CEO Gen Eida started a business with the aim of realizing a "more convenient, healthy and prosperous society through robot technology."

Reference: [Waseda University] Succeeded in developing a next-generation fully automatic toothbrush that does not require manual brushing and has the same effect as normal toothbrushing just by holding it in the mouth.

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