In joint research with the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Hiroshima University, we discovered that a solid made of palladium and bismuth becomes a special superconducting state.It will propose a new guideline in the study of the special superconducting state realized by electrons moving around in the two-dimensional world, which has been attracting attention in recent years.

 Solids can have very different properties on the surface and inside, which is one of the important research subjects in solid-state physics.Among them, the superconducting phenomenon that occurs on the surface has been attracting attention in recent years.Electrons moving in the two-dimensional world of the surface of a solid can create a special superconducting state not found in three dimensions.At this time, it has been pointed out that Majorana particles, which are still unidentified particles, may have been created.It is expected that by utilizing the properties of Majorana fermions, it will be possible to create electronic devices with completely new functions that have never been seen before.To realize these special superconductors, the research group focused on superconductors composed of palladium and bismuth.We have succeeded in producing high-quality crystals and confirming that a special superconducting state is formed on the surface.In the superconducting phenomenon on the solid surface, which is preceded by theoretical research, it is now possible to proceed with experimental research.

 This time, we couldn't do the experiment at the extremely low temperature necessary to investigate the superconducting state in detail, so we will continue to make such measurements.Depending on future research, it may open the way to demonstrate the existence of Majorana particles and even to apply them to completely new electronic devices.

Source:[Hiroshima University] Discovery of new superconducting materials with topological electronic structure-New guidelines for searching for new topological materials-

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