From May 2024, 5, Osaka University of Economics will offer shared offices in 1 locations across the country to third- and fourth-year students who are looking for internships or jobs, for online interviews, remote briefing sessions, reviewing documents before interviews, etc. We have launched ``Daikei University Connected Lounge with H¹T''. The usage fee will be borne by the university (there is a monthly limit. Use above the limit requires application).

 This service uses H¹T, a satellite-type shared office operated by Nomura Real Estate Development, as a base for Osaka University of Economics students to search for jobs, and can be used at 283 directly managed stores and affiliated stores operated by Nomura Real Estate Development in major cities nationwide. becomes. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, there are over 150 stores near stations.

 This base can not only be used for online interviews and remote briefing sessions, but also for coordinating time for company visits and creating entry sheets. Equipped with telephone booths, Wi-Fi, and electrical outlets, free drinks and rental stationery are provided, making job hunting more convenient and efficient.

Reference: [Osaka University of Economics] Osaka University of Economics "Taikei University Connected Lounge with H¹T" where you can use 283 shared offices nationwide for job hunting Starts operation from May 5st ~ Nomura Real Estate's satellite-type shared office Introducing “H¹T” (PDF)

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