Niigata Prefecture has donated 5,000 million yen to the "Fund to Establish Japan's Best Doctor Training Center," which was established by Niigata University with the aim of resolving the shortage of doctors in Niigata Prefecture.A presentation ceremony will be held at the Niigata Prefectural Office on April 2024, 4. was held. Niigata University will use the donation to train doctors.

 According to Niigata University, the presentation ceremony was attended by Hideyo Hanazumi, Governor of Niigata Prefecture, Tatsuo Ushiki, President of Niigata University, and Noboru Sato, Dean of the Niigata University School of Medicine. Governor Hanazumi handed a list to President Ushiki and said, ``I hope the donation will be used to improve the quality of education.'' In response, President Ushiki expressed his gratitude, saying, ``We aim to become Japan's number one base for training medical professionals needed by society, and we would like to use this facility to develop the necessary educational environment.''

 Niigata Prefecture is facing a serious shortage of doctors, especially in depopulated areas, with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's index showing the degree of sufficient number of doctors being the second lowest in the country. Of the seven medical areas within the prefecture, six, excluding Niigata, are facing a shortage of doctors. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare predicts that the shortage of doctors in 2 will surpass Iwate Prefecture, which is currently at the bottom, and will be at the bottom of the list. We need to train 7 people.

 For this reason, Niigata University established the ``Fund to Establish Japan's Best Doctor Training Center''. From 2023, the capacity of the medical school will be increased to 40 people, including 140 for regional slots, the largest number in Japan, and the fund will be used to train doctors with strong general medical care skills and the ability to make full use of digital technology.

reference:[Niigata University] A presentation ceremony was held for Niigata Prefecture's donation to the Niigata University School of Medicine's ``Fund to Establish Japan's Best Doctor Training Center''!

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