Arrow Corporation Co., Ltd./Arrow Education Research Institute (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will hold a comprehensive event "2024 High School-University Connectivity General Meeting" for high school teachers and people involved in cram schools and prep schools in Tokyo (May 5) and Osaka. (May 28st). The shift to entrance exams within the year is accelerating, the general selection process is changing due to new curriculum guidelines, and high school-university collaboration is being reviewed. Thinking about university entrance exams, high school/university education, and high school/university connections, which are undergoing major changes.

 This will be the 6th time the event will be held in Tokyo and the 3rd time in Osaka. In addition to the rapid increase in the number of people taking the entrance exam this year, this is the first exam to be held under the new curriculum guidelines, and the teaching environment for the 2025 university entrance exam is in an unprecedented state of confusion. This high school/university connection general meeting aims to provide hints for solutions to high school teachers and career guidance staff at cram schools and preparatory schools who are facing a variety of concerns.

 At the ``2024 High School-University Connectivity Conference,'' 45 schools will have individual booths at the Tokyo venue and 26 schools will have individual booths at the Osaka venue, and visitors will be able to obtain a variety of information, including key points regarding success or failure for entrance exams within the year that cannot be understood from the ``entrance exam guidelines'' alone. I can do it. In addition, we have opened a ``Clinic'' program, which is a consultation booth where you can get advice on writing a statement of purpose for entrance exams later this year, essay/interview exam guidance, and advice on a wide variety of assignments. In the presentation corner, university journalists and university entrance examination experts who are familiar from the University Entrance Examination Center, TV and magazines will take the stage and give free and open-minded lectures. Please note that the program and event times are subject to change.

 Participation in the ``2024 High School and University Connection General Meeting'' is free, but you must apply in advance through the dedicated website. Target participants are high school teachers and people involved in cram schools and preparatory schools.As a bonus for participating, we will be distributing the entrance exam information magazine ``University Entrance Exam Kaitai Shinsho'' free of charge.

<6th 2024 High School and University Connection General Meeting Tokyo Venue>
Date and time: May 2024, 5 (Tuesday) 28:13-00:18 (Reception starts at 00:12)
Venue: Belle Salle Akihabara (4 minutes walk from JR Akihabara Station)
● Part 1
[Opening panel discussion] "What will happen to the university?" Yuko Kanda, editor-in-chief of Shinken Ad "Between", Hide Izawa, head of information research and editorial department, University Communication, Yutaro Sato, manager of RIASEC Co., Ltd., facilitator: "Asahi Shimbun Think Campus" General supervisor, education journalist Masashi Nakamura
[University presentation] Kansai University, Oberlin University
● Part 2
[University Presentation] Musashi University
[Speech] “About the 2025 (Reiwa XNUMX) University Admission Common Test” Mr. Taira Morishita, Director, University Entrance Examination Center, Independent Administrative Institution
[University Presentation] Reitaku University
[Lecture] “To seek reasonable accommodation that suits you” Mr. Tsubasa Tonooka, Representative Director of the National Disabled Student Support Center (General Incorporated Association)
● Part 3
[University presentation] Kobe University, Sanjo City University
[Speech] “2025 Entrance Examination, straight forward! This is what it will be like” Kenichi Ishihara, Educational Journalist and University Entrance Examination Analyst (Former Director of Sundai Advancement Information Business)
[University Presentation] Chiba University of Commerce
[Panel discussion] “High school-university collaboration and inquiry learning” Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior and Senior High School x Kanda Jogakuen Junior and Senior High School

●Concern consultation booth “Clinic” program
“Presentation and discussion guidance” Masako Tamoto, Essay Department, Kawaijuku
“Comprehensive History” Yoyogi Seminar/Z-kai University of Tokyo Preparation Class/Nissei Kyoiku Kenkyusha Mr. Seiichiro Inumaru
“Essay / Statement of Reasons for Application” Mr. Junichi Aota, Essay Department, Kawaijuku
“Interview Examination / Statement of Reasons for Application” Mr. Toru Hirokawa, Essay Department, Kawaijuku
“Inquiry Learning” St. Dominic Academy Curriculum Manager Ichiro Ishikawa
"Information" Mr. Yoshiaki Nakano, Principal of Kogakuin University Junior and Senior High School

<2024 High School and University Connection General Meeting @Osaka>
Date and time: Friday, May 2024, 5, 31:13-00:18 (Reception starts at 00:12)
Venue: Umeda Sky Building Aura Hall (7 minutes walk from JR Osaka Station)
For the program, please refer to the "6th 2024 High School and University Connection General Meeting" website

reference:[Arrow Corporation] 6th 2024 High School and University Connection General Meeting (Tokyo Venue)
[Arrow Corporation] 3rd 2024 High School and University Connection General Meeting (Osaka venue)

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