The University of Tokyo Hospital Neurosurgery Research Group has announced that it has developed a three-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG) model that precisely reproduces the anatomical structure of the human head and has begun offering it free of charge.

 This 3DCG model was developed under the Cabinet Office Innovative Research and Development Promotion Program (ImPACT), which aims to develop an elaborate humanoid model "Bionic Humanoid" that can replace humans and experimental animals. It plays a role as a "design drawing".By referring to the actual anatomy of the human body and textbooks, the latest CG technology and the knowledge of neurosurgeons are aggregated, and nerve fibers in the brain parenchyma that are not depicted in the human body shape data and medical images distributed on the market. It was created by precisely reproducing the dura mater and microvessels.

 It is said to be the most elaborate head 3DCG model in the world, and you can download only the necessary parts from more than 1,000 parts.If it is non-commercial and for research or educational purposes, all parts can be used freely, and editing and processing are also free. It also supports 3D printing, and can be modeled with a 3D printer as it is.

 The high-definition 3DCG model of the human body requires advanced CG technology, medical knowledge, and high development costs, making it difficult to develop and obtain.The head 3DCG model developed this time is said to have high expandability, such as being used for development at several research institutes, and it is widely returned to society by providing it free of charge, thereby disseminating medical knowledge. It is expected to promote medical education and research and development, and eventually improve the quality of medical care.

reference:[Japan Science and Technology Agency] Developed the world's most elaborate head XNUMXD CG data

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