Tohoku University and major real estate company Mitsui Fudosan have launched a science park concept at Tohoku University's new Aobayama campus in Aoba Ward, Sendai City. A next-generation synchrotron radiation facility and two research facilities have already started operating, and additional facilities such as semiconductor and disaster science research bases will be developed.

 The science park's nickname is "MICHINOOK." The plan is to secure approximately 4 square meters of land within the new Aobayama campus and construct eight facilities. Among these, the next-generation synchrotron radiation facility "Nano Terrace", the International Synchrotron Radiation Innovation and Smart Research Center, and the industry-academia collaboration base "Aobayama Universe" have been in operation since April.

 In the future, a spintronics power-saving semiconductor development base, a semiconductor manufacturing process/component material/image sensor development demonstration base, a MEMS design/process development demonstration base, the International Research Institute for Disaster Science, and a new school building for the Graduate School of Agriculture will be constructed.

 In line with this, Tohoku University and Mitsui Fudosan have established Michinoke Community, a membership organization that brings together companies that are taking on the challenge of cutting-edge technology development, domestic and international researchers, startup companies, etc., to promote industry-academia collaboration and cross academic fields. Promote research and support the creation of innovation.

reference:[Tohoku University] A press conference was held regarding the full-scale launch of the "Tohoku University Science Park Concept"

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