Niigata University's Faculty of Engineering will establish a new slot for women in the Intelligent Information Systems Program in the Information and Electronics field of the Department of Engineering in the 2025 School Recommendation Selection Type I, and will recruit five applicants. The purpose is to expand the training of human resources with a desire for cutting-edge advanced information technology and soft manufacturing, and to promote the advancement of women in the engineering field.

 Niigata University's Faculty of Engineering consists of nine programs in five fields under one department, the Department of Engineering. General selection is conducted through a single department entrance exam (you can specify your preferred fields from your 1st choice up to your 5th choice), but comprehensive selection and school recommendation selection are made by program. The female applicant will be selected based on school recommendation, so they will take the exam for the ``Information and Electronics Field Intelligent Information Systems Program''.

 In line with the introduction of the female quota in the Intelligent Information Systems Program, the "selection for specialized departments, etc." in the school recommendation selection type I will be renamed the "specialized quota", and recruitment will take place in two slots: the specialized quota and the female quota. . Admission/failure is determined separately for the specialist and women's slots, and applicants cannot apply for both. For other programs, we only recruit for specialized slots.

 There are 5 people recruiting for the female slot. The selection method will be based on the basic academic ability tests of Mathematics I, II, and Mathematics A (properties of shapes, number of cases, and probability), interview evaluations, and survey documents, etc., without taking the university entrance common test. . During the interview, we will confirm and evaluate your motivation for applying, your interest in fields related to the Intelligent Information Systems Program, what you want to learn and challenge after admission, and your future plans.

 At Niigata University's Faculty of Engineering, we provide general engineering education in the first semester of the first year, and general education in each field in the second semester.In the first semester of the second year, students are placed in their major program. Students admitted through general selection will be assigned a program in their second year based on their wishes and grades after admission.

 With the establishment of a quota for women, it is expected that an increase in the number of female students will have the effect of improving the gender balance within the Faculty of Engineering, and that the introduction of diverse values ​​will energize the field of education and research. It is hoped that this will enable the training of engineers and researchers with the "engineering skills" to assess issues faced by society and industry from a variety of perspectives and to create new social value, and to produce them into society.

 Please note that an application is currently being made to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to increase the number of students enrolled in the Intelligent Information Systems Program by five students, so it is subject to change.

Reference: [Niigata University] Regarding the introduction of a female quota in the 2020 Faculty of Engineering School Recommendation Selection Type I (Notice) (PDF)

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