Kagoshima University has put together an overview of its first regional contribution human resource development project in 2024, which will provide support for overseas training expenses, domestic inspection fees, qualification acquisition fees, etc. for students who have found employment in Kagoshima Prefecture. Starting in fiscal 1, the program will be extended to those who pass public school teacher employment exams within the prefecture, and will receive 2024 to 20 yen for overseas training.

 According to Kagoshima University, support is provided every year using the Kagoshima University ``Enterprising Spirit'' Support Fund, which is run with donations from alumni and the local business community. The first phase will be targeted at those who are expected to graduate or graduate after June 1st and have been informally offered employment with companies or organizations with head offices in Kagoshima Prefecture, and who plan to start working at the same time they graduate from university or graduate school.

 The support includes 20 to 60 yen for overseas training, 7 yen for domestic inspections that are useful for practical work after employment, acquisition of various qualifications such as national qualifications, bookkeeping, IT skills, and paid courses to prepare for exams such as foreign language tests. will receive 5 yen. Program practitioners of the regional human resource development platform will also receive a separate job preparation allowance of 10 yen. The second round of recruitment is scheduled for around October 2024.

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