The CoIU Establishment Fund, a general incorporated association that is promoting the idea of ​​establishing a private university in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, has announced its policy of aiming to open in April 2026, and will begin surveying high schools at the end of May. Additionally, information sessions for high school teachers will be held from the end of May to July 4.

 According to the CoIU Establishment Fund, the name of the university is "Co-Innovation University (tentative name)" and the faculty is one of the faculties of co-creation. The first year will focus on theory and dialogue in Hida, and the second year will involve practicing bonding ship* about three days a week at collaborative locations across the country, as well as taking online lectures. From the third year onwards, students will work on their own projects to solve problems and learn on their own, depending on each theme and problem recognition, all over the country.

 The school building was originally planned to be built on a former factory site in Hida City, but it will be housed in a mixed-use facility and the entire city will be used as a campus, making use of old houses in the area. Hida Furukawa Station, known as one of the sacred places in the anime movie "Your Name," is the central station in Hida City, making it easy to co-create while blending into the local area, and it was determined that it was in line with the university's vision. did.

 The building will be located in a complex planned by a local company on the east side of Hida-Furukawa Station, which will include an all-weather playground, a hot springs facility, and dining and retail facilities. One part of this will include a co-creative faculty with an annual enrollment of 120 students.

 Professor Hiroaki Miyata of the Keio University School of Medicine has been appointed as the president, but Professor Akiyoshi Takagi of the Interfaculty of Social Systems Management at Gifu University will be the new director and vice president, and Professor Akiyoshi Takagi of the Keio University Graduate School of Medicine will serve as a councilor. Assistant Professor Aie Uchibori is scheduled to assume the position.

*This is an internship co-created with local governments and local companies to balance the career education growth of students with the growth of local governments and local companies. A word coined by CoIU (tentative name) that combines the English word “bond” and “internship”.

reference:[CoIU Establishment Fund] Co-Innovation University (tentative name) aims to open in April 2026!

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