Nara Prefecture will construct a student dormitory at the site of the Prefectural University of Technology, which was planned in the Iwami district of Miyake-cho, Nara Prefecture during the era of former Governor Shogo Arai, and make it a place where startup companies and others can interact. Aiming to open in 2030, the basic concept will be formulated in 2024.

 According to Nara Prefecture, the student dormitory will be called "Young Innovation Residence (tentative name)" and will be a dormitory for high school students, technical college students, junior college students, and university students. The aim is to create human resources who will start businesses and innovate from dormitory residents.

 For this reason, the plan is to reflect the voices of private companies such as startups, educational institutions, and local residents in the concept. Private companies such as Nippon Life Insurance Company, Sharp, Daiwa House Industry, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and Nanto Bank are already involved, and educational institutions such as Nara University of Education, Nara Women's University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Nara Prefectural University of Medicine, and Nara Prefectural University are already involved in the government. It has been decided that the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kawanishi Town, Tawaramoto Town, Miyake Town and others will participate in the exchange of opinions.

 In the Iwami district of Miyake Town, former Governor Arai had proposed the Yamato Plain Central Garden City concept and was proceeding with the establishment of the Prefectural Institute of Technology. A university establishment preparation office was established within the Nara Prefectural Office and land was purchased from residents, but when Governor Makoto Yamashita defeated former Governor Arai and others in the 2023 gubernatorial election, the plan was canceled and a student dormitory was constructed instead. A plan emerged.

reference:[Nara Prefecture] How to proceed with the Young Innovation Residence (tentative name) concept

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