Effective April 2024, 4, Hamamatsu University of Medicine became the first national university corporation to completely abolish the industry-academia-government collaboration department within the university and established ``Hamamatsu Co-Creation Liaison Kanade Co., Ltd.''.

 In order to strengthen industry-academia-government collaboration activities at universities, proactive moves are required to plan and propose joint research to companies that meet their seeds and needs while preserving the research efforts of faculty members. Support for speedy contract procedures and progress management is also important.

 However, the university's industry-academia-government collaboration organization has problems with sustainability of operations, as many faculty members and coordinators have limited terms, and decision-making takes time. There were structural problems, such as the difficulty in providing commensurate treatment.

 Therefore, Hamamatsu University of Medicine completely abolished its internal industry-academia-government collaboration organization and established a new external corporation, Hamamatsu Co-Creation Liaison Kanade. A university-originated startup that is almost 100% invested by Hamamatsu Medical University, we produce and speed up joint research and development with universities, companies, medical institutions, etc. in Japan and overseas, focusing on the needs and research seeds of Hamamatsu Medical University's medical field. We promote research and create business by performing comprehensive management with sensitivity.

 Also on April 2024, 4, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine established the Institute of Photonics Medicine to commemorate its 1th anniversary. It is also an expression of our intention to utilize the power of the Hamamatsu region, a city of light and manufacturing that has issued the ``Hamamatsu Optical Declaration'', to develop cutting-edge photomedical research and aim for social implementation of the results. Hamamatsu University School of Medicine has been promoting photomedicine as a distinctive research field since the establishment of the Medical Photonics Department in 50. This institute has established cutting-edge imaging technologies ranging from molecules and cells to individuals, and uses them to elucidate unknown biological phenomena and address unmet medical needs (diseases that are unresolved and require effective diagnosis and treatment methods). We aim to elucidate the pathology and develop minimally invasive diagnostic methods and effective treatments.

The Hamamatsu area is a cluster of manufacturing industries, and we will take advantage of Hamamatsu's regional characteristics and strengths, such as the needs of medical sites, research seeds, and photomedical research, to commercialize, commercialize, and implement in society according to the needs of medical sites. It is hoped that the project will move forward strongly.

Reference: [Hamamatsu Medical University] Regarding the establishment of Hamamatsu Medical University Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Implementation Corporation “Hamamatsu Co-Creation Liaison Kanade Co., Ltd.”
[Hamamatsu University School of Medicine] Institute of Photonics Medicine established

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