University of the Sacred Heart will introduce a ``University Admission Common Test Utilization Method'' starting with the 2025 admission selection process. Students will also be able to select subjects that are offered as transitional subjects for students taking the old course.

 University of the Sacred Heart is part of the College of Modern Liberal Arts, where all students take a basic course in their first year, and then study specialized subjects in their second to fourth years. Until now, the university has not conducted an entrance exam using the University Admission Common Test, but by providing a wide range of opportunities to take the exam, and selecting foreign languages ​​and subjects of interest, a diverse range of students suitable for the Faculty of Modern Liberal Arts at the University of the Sacred Heart We will introduce the ``university entrance common test usage method'' from the 1 entrance exam with the aim of accepting students.

 The recruitment capacity is 20 people. It is a two-subject type, and pass/fail is determined based on the total score of the foreign language (English or French) on the university entrance common test, and the high-scoring elective subjects of Japanese, geography, history/civics, mathematics, science, and information.

 Furthermore, on May 2024, 5, it was announced that ``In the 16 (Reiwa 2025) common test for university entrance, students who have taken the old course will be able to select subjects that will be asked as transitional subjects.'' The questions that will be asked as transitional subjects are "Old World History A", "Old World History B", "Old Japanese History A", "Old Japanese History B", "Old Geography A", "Old Geography B", "Old Modern Society", Old Ethics, Old Politics and Economics, Old Ethics, Old Politics and Economics, Old Mathematics I, Old Mathematics I, Old Mathematics A, Old Mathematics II, Old Mathematics B, Old Mathematics II, Old Bookkeeping, Accounting,” “Old information related basics,” and “Old information.”

 Additionally, if there are any changes to the content of the ``University Entrance Common Test Utilization Method,'' they will be announced promptly. In addition, the "2025 (Reiwa 7) Student Recruitment Guidelines (General Selection)" will be announced around July 2024.

 Private universities that do not conduct entrance exams using common tests include Waseda University's Faculty of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Faculty of Creative Science and Engineering, and Faculty of Advanced Science and Engineering (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Culture, Media and Social Studies, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of International Liberal Studies conduct it as a combined system), and Keio University. These include International Christian University, Gakushuin University's Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Gakushuin Women's University, and Ritsumeikan University's Faculty of Global Liberal Arts.

Reference: [University of the Sacred Heart] 2025 (Reiwa 7) general selection (university entrance common test usage method)

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