Hokkaido Information University and Chitose University of Science and Technology have signed a comprehensive partnership agreement on education and research. The two schools will deepen their collaboration by leveraging the characteristics of both schools, such as developing human resources in the semiconductor field and promoting e-learning that can be learned over the Internet.

 The signing ceremony for the agreement was held at Chitose University of Science and Technology in Chitose City, Hokkaido, with President Jun Nishihira of Hokkaido Information University and President Kiichi Miyanaga of Chitose University of Science and Technology signing the agreement. President Nishihira said, ``I want to develop human resources who can make full use of cutting-edge information technology such as generative AI, and send them out to the region,'' and President Miyanaga said, ``I want to advance the program to strengthen the information science field that students and society demand.'' Stated.

 Cooperation items include the promotion of educational activities, implementation of joint research, mutual use of educational and research facilities, and exchange of students and faculty members. The specific program content will be finalized in the future.

 Chitose University of Science and Technology opened in 1998 as a public, private, and private university, and transitioned to public status in 2019. There is a Faculty of Science and Engineering and a Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Rapidus' next-generation semiconductor factory is being constructed in Chitose City, and in anticipation of the need for semiconductor personnel, the company opened the "Silicon Research Center" in April to develop semiconductor personnel.

 Hokkaido Information University is a private university founded in 1989. It is headquartered in Ebetsu City, Hokkaido, and has three faculties: Management Information, Medical Information, and Information Media, as well as the Graduate School of Management Informatics. We established a correspondence education department in 3 and have been working on e-learning from an early stage.

reference:[Hokkaido Information University] Hokkaido Information University and Chitose University of Science and Technology enter into a comprehensive partnership agreement

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