Juntendo University and medical institution support provider CUC (CUC) opened a joint research course, ``International Medical Care Promotion Research Course,'' within Juntendo University in April, and began full-scale analysis of medical tourism needs and business model development. We will begin accepting foreign patients visiting Japan from June.

 According to the Juntendo Educational Corporation, the joint research program is a partnership between Juntendo University, which has the largest number of hospital beds in Japan and has been involved in medical tourism from an early stage, and CUC, which supports medical institutions in Japan and overseas, to carry out marketing surveys in Japan and overseas. Analysis of foreign patients visiting Japan is currently underway.

 While understanding the needs of medical tourism based on these surveys and analyses, the plan is to establish a system for accepting medical tourism by establishing an appropriate fee structure and developing new medical treatment menus.

 While countries in Europe, the United States, and Asia were early on accepting medical tourism for wealthy people overseas, Japan was delayed and began accepting medical tourism in earnest in the 2010s. At that time, many places were mainly accepting people from China's wealthy class, and although there were cases in which local areas such as Tokushima Prefecture moved to accept them, there were many cases in which no significant results were achieved.

 The government aims to welcome 2030 million foreign tourists to Japan annually by 6,000, and is pinning its hopes on medical tourism, which is expected to continue to grow.

reference:[Juntendo University] Juntendo University and CUC's joint research course, ``International Medical Care Promotion Research Course,'' begins full-scale medical tourism research aimed at providing high-quality medical care to foreign patients visiting Japan.

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