A survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has revealed that as of October 2023, the number of university-launched venture companies has increased by 10 from the previous year to 506. Both the number of companies and the number of increases were at record highs, and there was also a rapid increase in the number of venture companies originating from private universities.


 Looking at each university, the University of Tokyo had the highest number of universities at 420 among national and public universities. This is followed by Kyoto University with 273 companies, Osaka University with 252 companies, Tsukuba University with 236 companies, and Tohoku University with 199 companies. Among private universities, Keio University has the highest number of companies at 291. Ranked 2nd overall at Keio University. This was followed by Tokyo University of Science with 119 companies, Waseda University with 145 companies, Ritsumeikan University with 135 companies, and Digital Hollywood University with 112 companies.

 Looking at the increase in the number of national universities from the previous year, Osaka University increased by 61, the University of Tokyo increased by 50, and Hokkaido University increased by 40. On the other hand, private universities are making great strides, with Keio University increasing by 55, Tokyo University of Science increasing by 40, and Ritsumeikan University increasing by 25.

 Looking at the year-on-year growth rate in descending order, Information Management Innovation Professional College (307%) ranked first for the second consecutive year. This was followed by Tokyo Medical and Dental University (2%), Shibaura Institute of Technology (1%), Yokohama City University (250%), and Hokkaido University (190%).

 The most common previous employment of university-based venture managers was as a faculty member or researcher at a university or public research institution (196 companies). Undergraduate students and technical college students were at 78 companies, followed by graduate school doctoral students at 76 companies, and graduate school master's students at 65 companies.

 The proportion of employees at university-based ventures with doctoral degrees reached 27% for technology transfer ventures, 26% for faculty and staff ventures, and 24% for research result ventures. This accounted for 19% of all university-launched ventures, far exceeding the 4% of general corporate research positions.

reference:[Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry] Compiled the results of the FY5 survey on the actual conditions of university-launched ventures (preliminary report)

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