Starting from the 2025 entrance exam, Tokyo Medical University has decided to introduce a ``school recommendation-based selection process (using an external English exam)'' for people who wish to work overseas as doctors or researchers in the future. The condition is to secure admission if you pass the CEFR* "B4.0" or higher on the English proficiency test and have an average score of 1 or higher on the entire survey report. The number of people to be recruited is 3 or less.

 According to Tokyo Medical University, the purpose of the school-recommendation-based selection (using English language proficiency tests) is to expand the opportunities of graduates overseas and strengthen the university's research capabilities. Gather people who want to do something. After enrolling, students are required to take a ``USMLE (United States Medical National Examination) Preparation Course'' or a ``Research Course,'' in which they belong to a laboratory and systematically learn research methodologies to the level of writing academic papers.

 Recruitment begins on November 11th. There is no limit to the number of people who can be recommended from the same high school. It is possible to apply for the school recommendation selection (general public recruitment), but it is not possible to apply for the school recommendation selection (by prefectural area and national block. Approval is currently being applied for the prefectural area). The exam will be held on November 4th.

 In addition, the ``bachelor's degree selection'', which mainly targets university graduates (or are expected to), will be introduced from the 2025 entrance exam. The aim is to ensure that students come from diverse backgrounds and develop human resources who can contribute to medical care from a broad perspective. The number of people to be recruited is 2 or less. Recruitment will begin on October 10st, and the exam will be held on November 21th.


reference:[Digital PR Platform] Tokyo Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine will introduce new entrance exam categories from 2025 entrance exams - "Bachelor's degree selection" and "School recommendation selection (using English proficiency test)" will start

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