On May 2024, 5, the National Personnel Authority announced the successful candidates for the National Civil Service Comprehensive Examination (Graduate School Graduate Examination/University Graduate Level Examination) held in the spring of 28. The number of successful applicants was 2024. This was a 1953% decrease compared to the previous year (2027 people).

 The application ratio (number of applicants divided by number of successful applicants) for the 2024 National Civil Service Comprehensive Examination (Spring) was 7.0 times, which is the lowest on record, lower than 2023 times in Spring 7.1. The number of female applicants was 652, accounting for 33.4% of all successful applicants, the second highest number ever.

 By university of origin, the University of Tokyo (189 people) was at the top, followed by Kyoto University (120 people), Ritsumeikan University (84 people), and Tohoku University (73 people). The number of graduates from the University of Tokyo is the lowest ever since the current exam system was introduced in 2012. They accounted for 2015% of those who passed the spring exam in 26, but this dropped to 2024% in 9.

reference:[National Personnel Authority] Announcement of successful candidates for the 2024 National Civil Service Recruitment Comprehensive Examination (Spring) (PDF)

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