Starting May 2024, 5, i-plug Co., Ltd., which operates the new graduate direct recruiting service ``OfferBox,'' has been posting ``mouth-turning advertisements'' at train stations near universities across the country. Following the 20 "advertisement that raises the gaze", this is the second advertisement that will make job hunters feel positive.

 When it comes to job hunting in 2024, students are also suffering from early screening and a lack of employment opportunities due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, recruitment formats will continue to diversify and job hunting will continue to change, such as new internships that are directly linked to employment for students scheduled to graduate in 2025.

 According to a survey conducted by i-plug on the job-hunting status of approximately 2025 students scheduled to graduate in 600, of the approximately 500 who answered that they were "job-hunting" at the time of the survey, only 96 students who were scheduled to graduate in 81 said they were "anxious." Approximately XNUMX% of students answered, "Sometimes I feel nervous." Furthermore, approximately XNUMX% of students felt that they were "very interested/somewhat interested in knowing how to alleviate anxiety and tension." It can be inferred that many students want to take on the challenge of job hunting, which can easily make them feel anxious and nervous, and alleviate that anxiety and tension as much as possible.

 In response to this result, i-plug hopes that job hunting students can be as positive as possible, and for students scheduled to graduate in 2025, the opening date for job interviews in the general job hunting schedule, and for students scheduled to graduate in 2026. In preparation for June 6st (Saturday), the time when the company will begin its summer internship and other job hunting activities, it has put up advertisements with words that anyone can easily do on the spot to alleviate anxiety and tension.

 The ``advertisement that raises the corners of the mouth'' was created under the supervision of Associate Professor Gakuji Kumagai of the Department of Comprehensive Humanities, Faculty of Letters, Kansai University, based on the behavioral psychology that ``raising the corners of the mouth makes people feel positive'' and ``leading to alleviation of anxiety and stress.'' Combining his knowledge of phonetics, ``cute words'', he came up with ``Minimi ni pi ni pi ni,'' a word that makes you feel positive just by saying it out loud.

 According to Associate Professor Kumagai, when pronouncing the vowel ``i'' in ``minimi ni pi ni pi ni,'' the corners of the mouth rise to create the same expression as when smiling, which naturally makes you feel positive. . In addition, ``mi (m)'' and ``pi (p)'' are bilabial sounds (sounds pronounced using the upper and lower lips) that are easy for babies to pronounce, so they are associated with the image of a ``baby'' and feel ``cute.'' He explains that when people feel ``cute,'' they smile and feel more at ease.

 Starting from May 5th, i-plug will be posting advertisements reading "Minimini Pi Ni Pini" at stations around local universities across the country, and from May 20, advertising will be posted at stations surrounding local universities across the country. The purpose of this advertisement and the mysterious words ``Minimi ni pi ni pi ni'' that were posted all over the country will be revealed in the Shibuya station passage where many students can easily see them.

Reference: [i-plug Co., Ltd.] Displays message advertisements based on phonetics and behavioral psychology that will make you feel positive. “Advertisement that raises the corners of your mouth” will appear at Shibuya Station and stations around local universities nationwide!

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