Nagase, which operates Toshin High School and Toshin Satellite Preparatory School, has collaborated with Microsoft Japan to launch ``Knock 1000 English Compositions,'' an automatic English composition correction course that utilizes generative AI. It can instantly provide correction guidance for 1,000 carefully selected Japanese-to-English translations ranging from the basics to the entrance exam level for difficult universities, greatly reducing the burden on high school teachers, cram schools, and cram school instructors.

 According to Nagase, 1000 English Essays Knock was newly developed using the latest generation AI, GPT-4. Equipped with Toshin's grading know-how, you can instantly correct and teach English compositions. In response to incorrect answers, advice tailored to each student can be given instead of one-size-fits-all guidance. If the answer is correct, other expression methods will be presented as alternative solutions.

 In addition to being used by Toshin students for testing, it has been provided free of charge to students in Ishikawa Prefecture, who have practiced it a total of approximately 13 times to improve its accuracy. Since it is deployed on the open AI service provided by Microsoft, it can be used at Toshin locations nationwide.

 By using generative AI, you will be able to obtain an overwhelming amount of practice that cannot be matched by human correction, making it possible to dramatically improve your English writing ability in a short period of time. For this reason, Nagase had been working with Microsoft Japan on development since 2023.

reference:[Nagase Co., Ltd.] [Toshin] Revolutionize English composition learning and correction guidance by utilizing generative AI (GPT-4)! 1000 English Essays Instantly grade and correct 1,000 Japanese-English translation questions. In collaboration with Microsoft Japan, he will officially launch the course in April 2024 (PDF)

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