Kansai University will introduce a special entrance exam for women to the Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering starting in 2025, with the aim of fostering female science and engineering human resources. In response to the growing demand from industry for the development of female science and engineering personnel, we hope that the special entrance exam for women will produce individuals who will leave a mark on innovation.

 According to Kansai University, the women's special entrance exam is recruiting one person each for the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics and Applied Physics of the Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, and one to two each for the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering. We are recruiting five people across the School of Systems Science and Engineering.

 Selection will be based on a comprehensive evaluation of document review, written test, and interview results. The interview will include an oral examination to confirm basic academic ability (textbook level), and selection will be conducted with emphasis on the applicant's basic knowledge, skills, qualifications, and motivation. Details of the entrance exam schedule and application procedures will be announced in the entrance exam guidelines scheduled to be released in mid-June 2024.

 It is said that there are fewer female science and engineering personnel in Japanese industry than in other countries, making it difficult for women's perspectives to be included in product development. There is an urgent need to add a large number of female engineers to fields such as development and ensure a diverse range of perspectives, and many universities, both public and private, are increasingly creating quotas for women in their science and engineering departments.

reference:[Kansai University] A special entrance exam for women will be introduced for the Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering from the 2025 entrance exam.

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