Konan University will abolish the interview method for public recommendation for the 2025 entrance examination and increase the number of public recommendation [subject-based] applicants by about 70. In addition, a public recommendation [special recommendation type for women] will be newly established in the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Intelligent Information Science.

 The public recommendation [subject-based type] is an entrance exam that does not require a recommendation from the school principal and allows multiple applications, with pass/fail decisions based on a written exam and application documents. There is no interview. There are two types: the general method and the method using external English exams, and both methods are available for concurrent applications. The second procedure period is from February 2th to 2025nd, 2, and procedures can be completed after the results of Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Doshisha University, and Ritsumeikan University are announced.

 The public recommendation [special recommendation for women] is implemented with the aim of nurturing female researchers and engineers from the perspective of substantial fairness in order to correct the disparity in the ratio of men to women in science and engineering human resources in Japan. It is targeted at the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science and Technology (recruitment capacity: approximately 2 students) and the Faculty of Intelligent Information Science (recruitment capacity: approximately 3 students). Neither is a single-choice system, and the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science and Technology will allow students to apply for both the public recommendation [research activity evaluation type] and the research activity evaluation type.

 In addition, the exam dates for the first period of general selection will be changed to dates that overlap less with other universities. For humanities students (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Management and Creative Studies, and the Global and Interdisciplinary Studies Institute), the exams will be held on January 2025th (Thursday), 1st (Friday), February 30st (Saturday), February 31th (Tuesday), and February 2th (Wednesday), 1. The Global and Interdisciplinary Studies Institute will hold exams only on January 2th (Thursday). For science students (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Intelligent Information Science, and Faculty of Frontier Science), the exams will be held on January 4th (Thursday), 2st (Friday), and February 5st (Saturday), 1. For details about the exams, please check the entrance exam guide.

reference:[Konan University Information Site for Applicants] Overview of the 2025 Entrance Examination (PDF)

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