Yamaguchi University and Persol Career, a comprehensive human resources service, have entered into a partnership agreement for career education in hilly and mountainous areas. We will form a scrum to develop a career education program for elementary and junior high schools with a view to starting a business in the region and creating a related population in the future.

 According to Persol Carrier, the signing ceremony for the partnership agreement was held at Yoshida Campus in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and Yamaguchi University President Yukio Tanizawa and others signed the agreement.

 Persol Career provides career education programs for elementary and junior high schools across the country, and in collaboration with Yamaguchi University's interdisciplinary organization ``Educational Development Research Promotion Organization Based on Regional Innovation Systems'', we are developing the ideal form of career education. We will develop career education programs that can create new value and business opportunities in the region, as well as verify their effects.

 The program we will develop will present a variety of ways of working, such as U-turns, I-turns, telework, living in two locations, and side jobs, and will encourage children to think about ways to work while living in the community. Furthermore, we plan to include content that will lead to entrepreneurship and the creation of a related population in the region. The first demonstration site is planned to be an elementary school in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

 An analysis by the Population Strategy Council, a private group of experts, found that roughly 744% of Japan's 4 local governments could disappear. Looking at the situation by region, the situation in hilly and mountainous areas is serious, and there is an urgent need to take measures to prevent their disappearance.

reference:[Persol Career Co., Ltd.] Persol Career signs a collaboration agreement with Yamaguchi University, a national university corporation, to guarantee opportunities for high-quality career education in hilly and mountainous areas Research and development of a local career education program for elementary and junior high schools that promotes the creation of a future relevant population and the creation of local businesses through "skill return" that solves problems ~

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