Tokyo University of Science has renovated the communication building on its Noda campus (Noda City, Chiba Prefecture) into a facility that can also be used by local residents. The grand opening is scheduled for Monday, June 2024, 6.

 Tokyo University of Science entered into collaboration agreements with Noda City and Nagareyama City in 2020, and is deepening its ties with the local community through lectures, educational collaborations, student activities, etc. The latest renovation is part of this effort, and in order to make the university even more approachable and open to local residents, the communication building, which had previously been used as a student cafeteria, was transformed into a space where local residents can gather.

 The concept for the renewal was "DelightTUS". Surrounded by bright, warm light and natural greenery, Tokyo University of Science (abbreviation: TUS) is a gathering place for students and local residents (US) to enjoy and have fun (Delight). Additionally, a restaurant and fitness gym have been set up to provide support for the basics of daily life, ``food'' and ``health.''

 Inside the facility, there is a new project aimed at supporting the promotion of the sixth industry by CowTech Co., Ltd. (founded by Professor Hayato Owada, Department of Management Systems Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology), a startup from the University of Science that is working on livestock DX using dairy big data and AI. As a new challenge, he opened a restaurant called "Trattoria DomaDoma" with the theme of "nature and health." With the keywords of "fresh ingredients and local production for local consumption," we use beef procured through the livestock DX network and vegetables from Eka Organic Farm in Nagareyama City, as well as bread and vegetables from Garden Berries in Nagareyama City. We handle sweets. You can also customize the base menu on weekdays except for lunch. In the future, they are also envisioning a place to sell local specialties and disseminate information.

 Additionally, "Anytime Fitness", the first 24-hour fitness gym on campus, will open. Students and faculty at the Noda campus can join at a special discounted rate. We have the latest training equipment, and during staff hours (10:00-19:00 every day), our staff will provide support such as how to use the machines, training tips, and exercise assistance, as well as provide one-on-one instruction on how to use the machines for beginners. An orientation session will also be held to provide explanations.

Reference: [Tokyo University of Science] Noda Campus Communication Building Renovated (PDF)

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