According to the "Survey on Foreign Student Enrollment Status" conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization, the number of foreign students as of May 2023, 5 was 1, an increase of 279,274 (48,128%) from the previous year. . The total number of international students had decreased from its peak of 20.8 in 2019 due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but it is expected to start rising in 312,214. The countries/regions with the largest number of international students are China, with 2023 (115,493% increase from the previous year), Nepal, 11.2 (37,878% increase from the previous year), and Vietnam, 56.2 (36,339% from the previous year), with a large increase in Nepal. .

 The number of international students is the combined number of international students at higher education institutions and Japanese language educational institutions, but if we look only at Japanese language educational institutions, the number has increased since 2011, when the survey targeting Japanese language educational institutions began. , the highest number ever. Looking only at Japanese language educational institutions, the number of students in Nepal has more than doubled to 23,441 (123.2% increase from the previous year). Outside of Nepal, the growth is strong in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

 Looking only at higher education institutions, the number of university undergraduates (regular students) and vocational training schools (vocational courses), which have a high proportion of domestic students, continued to decline from the previous year due to the lingering effects of the novel coronavirus infection in the previous year. Among universities that accept the most international students, Waseda University ranks first with 5,560 (4,208 the previous year). Below, the University of Tokyo had 4,658 students (4,397 in the previous year), Ritsumeikan University had 3,027 students (2,698 in the previous year), Kyoto University had 2,844 students (2,564 in the previous year), and Osaka University had 2,712 students (2,514 in the previous year).

Reference: [Japan Student Services Organization] 2023 (Reiwa XNUMX) International Student Enrollment Status Survey Results (PDF)

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