Soshi Gakuen Educational Corporation has announced that the campus of Tokyo Management College (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture), which announced the suspension of student recruitment, will become the Tokyo Campus of Pacific Rim University (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture) from April 2025, and the junior college's educational curriculum will be changed from April 4. We have announced on our website the establishment of the ``Faculty of International Economics and Business Administration/Department of International Economics and Business Administration (planning to establish)'', which has been progressively reorganized as a faculty. The Tokyo campus is a 12-minute walk from the south exit of JR Nishi-Funabashi Station.

 At the Department of International Economics and Management of the Faculty of International Economics and Management, which is scheduled to be established at the University of the Pacific Rim, you can learn about e-sports, VR/AR, and drones, which are expected to develop in the future, from a business perspective. ``Nikkei Special Lectures (tentative name) held weekly'' that explain the front lines of business while touching on economic news, will be held with seven universities in affiliated school IPU New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, the United States (Hawaii state), and South Korea. We will conduct 7-7 day overseas short-term training sessions three times a year in collaboration with education. In addition, we offer a free on-campus cram school, ``Murata Juku,'' where students can acquire Nissho Bookkeeping Level 10 to Level 3, General Bookkeeping Proficiency Level 3 to Advanced, and FP (Financial Planner) qualifications. Individual guidance will guide students to pass the exam according to their level of understanding.

 There are three specialized courses within the department. The "Business Design Course" aims to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in international economics, finance, management, etc. that will be necessary to survive in the future society, and develops human resources who can conceptualize and promote business. In the "DX Innovation Course", students acquire digital knowledge and techniques including information system basics. We aim to foster human resources who can innovate and play an active role in the digital society by transforming business through DX, developing new products and services using digital technology, and collecting and analyzing data. The "Tourism Hospitality Course" offers practical learning in collaboration with Hotel Okura, and students learn about Japan's world-class hospitality and world-class service. We will develop top-notch human resources with a business mind who can play an active role in the tourism industry, which is expected to develop in the future.

*Please note that the installation plan is tentative and the contents are subject to change.

Reference: [University of the Pacific Rim] Faculty of International Economics and Management / 8 guides for the Department of International Economics and Management

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