As a result of a co-creation project through industry-academia collaboration with Toyo Media Links Co., Ltd., the Management Control Laboratory, Department of Management Science, Faculty of Engineering, Tamagawa University, has created a ``media system'' that utilizes thinned wood (hereinafter referred to as "produced in Tamagawa") on campus at Tamagawa University, which is rich in nature. Projection Mapping through Art: Memories of Light and Forest" and "Wood Chair with Built-in Speaker" will be exhibited. It is an art work that takes SDGs into consideration by fusing the natural environment and technology, and is an announcement of the results of a highly expandable co-creation project undertaken by Toyo Media Links, such as the effective use of vacant tenant land in commercial facilities.

 The Management Control Laboratory (led by Professor Masakazu Kozakai) is engaged in research that utilizes data science and technology to scientifically solve management issues, with the theme of solving corporate problems.

 This exhibition is a collaboration project with Toyo Media Links called ``Spatial Design Sales Research Program.'' The idea that came up during student discussions was ``Using wood from Tamagawa to create more attractive spaces that are unique to Tamagawa.'' We planned and created this project to make use of wood from Tamagawa and to help people see and understand the richness of Tamagawa Gakuen's natural environment.

 For the projection mapping, Toyo Media Links will be in charge of producing the video and BGM, and the theme of Tamagawa Gakuen's rich natural environment will be projected onto cherry wood as a canvas. "Square Wood Chair with Built-in Speaker (Hinoki)" is a chair-shaped speaker box with a built-in speaker unit based on the concept of building blocks. The built-in vibration sonic speaker transmits sound not through sound pressure, but through air vibration, and plays spatial background music for use as rest chairs on campus. Toyo Media Links was in charge of design, planning, and speaker design, while Management Control Laboratory was in charge of detailed design and manufacturing design.

 The Tamagawa Mokurin Project, an on-campus project that aims to preserve the global environment by making use of the lush campus and linking wooden rings (Mokurin), is responsible for the procurement of selected timber from Tamagawa, and Tamagawa University STREAM is responsible for the processing of the materials. Technical staff from the maker's floor in Hall 2019 and the woodworking room of the Faculty of Art are working together to support this project.
 An exhibition will be presented on the 2019th floor of Tamagawa University STREAM Hall 5. The period is from Monday, June 2024, 6 to Wednesday, June 3, 6. You can also experience it at the open campus for high school students held on Sunday, June 26th.

Reference: [Tamagawa University Faculty of Engineering] The 220th joint research results presentation exhibition is being held.

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