The University of Hyogo will reorganize its Faculty of Engineering from April 2026, changing from the current three departments and six courses to one department and five courses, and provide a curriculum that allows for flexible and broad learning centered on specialized fields. In line with this, the admission selection process will also be changed. Both are currently under planning.

 The new Faculty of Engineering is planned to be restructured into a single department of engineering, with courses in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Intelligent Information, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Design, and Chemistry.

 In order to foster the skills of engineers and researchers who recognize the importance of solving global issues and can lead social change, the university offers an education centered on four "Xs (Transformation)": 4) "D (Digital) X" through the use of digital technology; XNUMX) "G (Green) X" toward the realization of a sustainable carbon-free society; XNUMX) "L (Life) X" that improves quality of life (QOL); and XNUMX) "M (Material) X" that fosters new manufacturing methods that are friendly to people and the environment and support society.

 There are four main changes to the 2026 Faculty of Engineering admissions selection process as a result of the reorganization.

 First, the number of subjects in the individual academic ability test for general selection will be reduced from four to two in the early schedule, and from two to one in the later schedule. Secondly, in light of the expansion of engineering fields related to medicine, biology, and the environment, "Biology" will be newly selectable for general selection and school recommendation-type selection (general courses, science and mathematics courses, etc.) that require the common university entrance exam, and "Basic Biology" will be newly selectable for school recommendation-type selection (industrial courses, etc.).

 In addition, in order to secure excellent students who have a strong desire to study at the Faculty of Engineering, a school recommendation type selection (designated schools) will be established for designated schools. A new requirement for application for the school recommendation type selection (special selection for female students) will be added: "Those who have obtained credits or are expected to obtain credits for Mathematics III and Mathematics C among mathematics-related subjects."

 Please note that the plan for department reorganization is tentative and may be subject to change in the future. For details on the student selection method, please check the student selection method (scheduled for July 2025) and student recruitment guidelines that will be published after the notification to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (due to the department reorganization).

Reference: [University of Hyogo] Changes in admission selection due to reorganization of the Faculty of Engineering in 2026 [Notice] First report (PDF)

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