Future University Hakodate has implemented a special residency system to offer tuition fee reductions to undergraduate students starting in the 2024 academic year.

 The residence special system provides for a full exemption (free tuition) from admission fees and tuition. To be eligible, one of the breadwinners (usually parents) must have had a continuous address in Hakodate, Hokuto, or Nanae for the past three years, must not have had three years between graduating from high school and entering university, and must meet the academic performance requirements of the new national higher education support system.

 This system also applies to those who have already received scholarships under the new study support system, those who have reserved reservations, and those who are currently enrolled in school. For admission fee and tuition fee reduction/exemption for students applying for scholarships under the new study support system, first priority will be given to tuition fee reduction/exemption under the new study support system, and for those who are not eligible for reduction/exemption, the residence special exception system will be applied. will be fully exempted.

Reference: [Future University Hakodate] [Undergraduate only] About the Residence Special System (tuition reduction, etc.) (2024 first round) *Within the Hakodate area

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