In a joint study, Euglena Co., Ltd. and Musashino University Associate Professor Kenichiro Tanaka confirmed research results showing that ergothioneine, a compound with antioxidant effects, may have a preventive effect on the onset and progression of Parkinson's disease.

 Oxidative stress caused by the overproduction of reactive oxygen species is the main cause of neuronal death. Neuronal death is involved in the onset and exacerbation of Parkinson's disease, so compounds that can prevent neuronal death caused by oxidative stress are considered promising as a method of preventing Parkinson's disease.

 Ergothioneine, a natural amino acid found in mushrooms and some microorganisms, has antioxidant properties and is attracting attention for its bioprotective function of preventing cell damage caused by reactive oxygen species. However, there was no information on the cytoprotective function of ergothioneine in experimental systems modeling Parkinson's disease. Therefore, the research group analyzed and verified the effectiveness of ergothioneine.

 Research has shown that by culturing immortalized hypothalamic neurons (cells that have an almost unlimited proliferation potential through gene transfer technology) and adding 6-OHDA, a neurotoxin that induces Parkinson's disease-like symptoms, an excess of reactive oxygen species can be detected. production and induction of neuronal cell death. On the other hand, when ergothioneine was also added at the same time, excessive production of reactive oxygen species was suppressed, and 6-OHDA-dependent neuronal cell death was also significantly suppressed. It was thought that this could be one of the effective ways to prevent the onset and progression of Parkinson's disease.

 In the future, the group plans to elucidate the detailed molecular mechanism by which ergothioneine protects nerve cells, and promote the development and commercialization of foods with high ergothioneine content, in order to prevent diseases such as Parkinson's disease and maintain human health.

Paper information:[Cells] Ergothioneine Prevents Neuronal Cell Death Caused by the Neurotoxin 6-Hydroxydopamine

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