The National University Association has issued a statement saying that its financial situation has reached its limits due to the recent rise in prices, the weak yen, the reduction in operating subsidies, and the promotion of work style reforms. It is calling for the public's cooperation and understanding in order to break through the current situation.

 According to the Association of National Universities, national universities operate on their own income, such as student fees and affiliated hospital revenues, as well as government operating expenses grants and contract research funds from companies, local governments, and other sources. However, operating expenses subsidies, which account for the largest proportion, have decreased by 2024 billion yen in fiscal 20, which is 13% of the amount paid 1,631 years ago, and increased social insurance premiums and personnel expenses are putting pressure on management. .

 For this reason, efforts have been made to reduce expenses by increasing the number of fixed-term faculty and researchers, but improvements are needed to avoid a decline in research capabilities. The recent soaring prices and weak yen have taken a toll on this, and he said in a statement that ``we have reached our limit.''

 Due to this background, the University of Tokyo has been the subject of a series of reports regarding tuition fee increases, and President Teruo Fujii released a statement on its website saying, ``It is true that we are considering raising tuition fees, but we have not made a decision.'' The statement reiterated the university's position, saying, ``There have been various reports regarding tuition fees, but some of the information is inaccurate and appears to have already been decided.''

 The University of Tokyo is also considering revising tuition fees, which have remained unchanged for 20 years since it became a national university corporation. However, in doing so, it is essential to take into consideration students who are facing financial difficulties, and the university is also considering expanding tuition exemptions and improving its scholarship system at the same time. It has also indicated its intention to present its proposals in dialogue with students and to carefully consider what should be done by listening to opinions from both inside and outside the university.

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