On Saturday, July 2024, 7, the Information Management Study Group at Keiai University (Inage-ku, Chiba City) will hold a symposium titled "Airport Town Development in the Digital Age." In addition to learning about the further functional enhancements that Narita International Airport is aiming for against the backdrop of the digital age, participants will also have a deeper discussion about the direction of town development that Chiba Prefecture should aim for with the airport at its core.

 International airports, which are highly convenient and have sufficient capacity, are important transportation and logistics infrastructure, and at the same time, they create jobs in many industries. As the starting point and destination for people and goods, they generate demand in related industries such as transportation, logistics, and tourism, contributing to the revitalization of local economies.

 At Narita International Airport, the number of passengers on both international and domestic flights has increased since the COVID-2023 pandemic was moved to Category 5 in XNUMX, and plans are being made to build new runways and improve airport access to meet future demand. At the symposium "Airport Urban Development in the Digital Age," participants will learn about the further functional enhancements that Narita International Airport is aiming for, and will deepen discussions on the direction of urban development that Chiba Prefecture should aim for, with the airport at its core.

 The program is divided into two parts. The first part will feature keynote speeches by Narita International Airport Corporation President and CEO Tamura Akihiko Kohyo, entitled "Towards Narita International Airport in the Digital Age," and by Tsukuba University Professor Emeritus Ishida Haruo, entitled "Transportation and Urban Development with Narita International Airport at its Core." The second part will feature a panel discussion.

<Symposium hosted by Keiai University Information Management Research Group: "Airport City Development in the Digital Era">
Date and time: February 7th (Sat) 27:13-30:16 (doors open at 30:13)
Venue: Royal Crescent, 4th floor, Hotel Green Tower Makuhari (2-10-3 Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba City)
Cost: Free
Application: Advance application required by Sunday, July 7st
Part 1: Keynote Speech
"Towards Narita International Airport in the digital age"
 Akihiko Tamura (President and CEO, Narita International Airport Corporation)
"Transportation and urban development centered around Narita International Airport"
 Mr. Haruo Ishida (Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba, Special Advisor to the President, Director of the Japan Land Policy Research Institute and Japan Infrastructure Management Center)
Part 2: Panel Discussion
Panelists: Akihiko Tamura, Haruo Ishida, Shinji Fukushima (Deputy Mayor of Narita City), Yo Minami (Director of Innovation, Business Design Division, Corporate Business Promotion Headquarters, NTT PC Communications, Inc.)
Coordinator: Professor Toshinori Nemoto, Keiai University (Chairman of the Information Management Research Group)

Reference: [Keiai University] Symposium "Airport town development in the digital age" hosted by the Information Management Study Group, held on Saturday, July 7th [Applications now being accepted]

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