A research team including Associate Professor Iwata Naoya of the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Research Promotion Center at Nagoya University, Associate Professor Tanaka Kazutaka of the Liberal Arts College at J. F. Oberlin University, and Special Researcher Ogawa Jun of the National Institute of Informatics has developed a dialogue system called "Humanitext Antiqua" that uses generative AI technology to quote accurate information from Western classics. The research results address the issue of generating false information, which is considered a challenge for generative AI, and also allow users to ask Socrates of ancient Greece, the father of philosophy, for advice on life.

 According to Nagoya University, since the emergence of ChatGPT in 2022, generative AI that creates sentences has been attracting attention, and the large-scale language model released by the US company OpenAI in 2023 has achieved extremely high accuracy in context processing and sentence generation in multiple languages, including ancient Greek and Latin, increasing its usability in the humanities field.

 In response to this, the research team developed an AI dialogue system specialized in Western classical studies. Its unique feature is that it can generate answers based on reliable original texts by reconstructing publicly available text data. Currently, it is capable of generating text from the original texts of 22 authors, including Homer, Herodotus, Plato, and Aristotle.

 In addition to being able to ask Socrates for advice on how to live a happy life, you can also get guidance on how to live a stoic life from Marcus Aurelius, the ancient Roman emperor and one of the Five Good Emperors.

 "HumanText" allows for contextual searches based on the meaning of words, so even non-experts can easily and efficiently refer to original sources in literature, history, and philosophy according to their interests. In the future, this platform will incorporate academic paper data, dictionaries, annotations, translations, and more, advancing humanities research.

Paper information:[2024 National Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (38th)] Western Classical Research and Education Using Large-Scale Language Models

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