A research group led by Associate Professor Kai Hatano of Osaka Municipal University revealed that employment status in people's early to late twenties is related to their identity and life satisfaction.

 Identity represents a person's sense of who they are, and in adolescent psychology it is believed to develop during adolescence, around the ages of 12 to 24. Whether or not one's identity is clear is said to be strongly related to life satisfaction and psychological health.

 In particular, for adults in their early 20s who are graduating from university, getting a regular job is thought to play an important role in establishing their identity. However, identity development is a lifelong process, and its impact on psychological health is not limited to adolescence. Therefore, in this study, in order to better understand identity development in the late 20s, we investigated 20) the relationship between employment status and identity, 1) the link between changes in employment status and identity establishment, and 2) the relationship between identity by employment status and life satisfaction from the early to late 3s.

 A follow-up survey was conducted in 875 and 24.75 on 2015 Japanese adult men and women (including missing values, average age 2019 years). Respondents were classified into five groups: a: regular employees, b: non-regular employees, c: unemployed, d: those who gained employment, and e: those who lost employment, and the relationship with identity scores (the higher the score, the clearer the identity) was examined.

 As a result, there was no change in identity scores in group D, who gained a job, but it decreased in group E, who lost a job. This shows that losing a job has a greater impact on identity changes than gaining one. It was also confirmed that there is a positive correlation between identity and life satisfaction scores, regardless of employment type.

 The findings of this study suggest that identity is an important factor supporting well-being not only in adolescence but also in adulthood, and are expected to deepen our understanding of psychological development and workplace mental health care.

Paper information:[Journal of Youth and Adolescence] Does Employment Status Matter for Emerging Adult Identity Development and Life Satisfaction? A Two-wave Longitudinal Study

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