On May 2024, 5, the fourth batch of students who had completed the Azabu University Animal Symbiosis Science Generalist Training Program, commonly known as the "Azabu Dekikui Program," presented the results of their research. The venue on the day was the same format as a regular poster presentation for graduation research, but the presenter appealed to everyone to "come and listen," and students and faculty who love research gathered around him, asking questions, creating an atmosphere on par with that of a live concert venue.

 The Azabu Outstanding Student Program was designed to develop human resources who can lead the world in building a sustainable, healthy society for humans, animals, and the environment. It was the only university in Japan to be selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's FY2 University Education Revitalization Strategy Promotion Fund's "Human Resource Development Project to Support a Knowledge-Intensive Society" under "Menu II: Education Program to Bring Out the Outstanding Student," and received the highest rating of "S" in the mid-term evaluation.

 The biggest feature of this program is that it allows students to start working on "real" research from the early stage of the second semester of their first year in order to increase their motivation to do research and bring out the "outstanding" qualities of students. Many of the students who wish to participate are proactive and apply with a pure desire to "want to do it" and "want to learn" regardless of whether they will earn credits, and for university faculty, they are "friends" with whom they can research together, gain new knowledge, and share the joy.

 Students who participated shared their impressions, such as, "I joined the program without much thought at first, but I never expected I'd end up loving research so much. I was surprised at the new side of myself," "I now want to form new hypotheses and think about them on my own, rather than just receiving instructions from my teachers," and "I've become interested in research careers, which has broadened my future career options. It also gives me the motivation to go on to graduate school." The teachers who supervised them were also delighted, saying, "The students' strong sense of inquiry and interest in their research fields are outstanding. I never thought they would be so voluntary in taking on challenges and tackling research."

 Professor Kikusui Takeshi (Department of Applied Animal Science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), who is the driving force behind the program, said, "Excellent students will grow even if you leave them to do so. By offering such students participation in this project, their growth speed accelerates even further, and by the time they graduate from the undergraduate program they have developed data and thinking skills at the level of a master's degree student. Because they have a strong sense of self-motivation, they very smoothly acquire the attitude to learning scientific methods and the value of what can be said from data. I feel that in the future, they will not only have scientific literacy, but also a strong sense of teamwork and a willingness to continue learning, which are the characteristics that are most desired for working adults."

 The Azabu Sticking Out Program will be linked to high school and university from 2023, and high school students will be able to find their own mysteries and problems, think of ways to solve them, and take on new challenges. We are also creating an environment where high school students can take on research challenges while receiving direct guidance from university professors.

 They also started an overseas challenge program, in which four students went overseas to discuss their research. Professor Kikusui expressed his hopes for "more opportunities like this, and I want students to take on new challenges outside of the lab and beyond Japan, and proactively take on new challenges on a global scale."

 The content of the presentations on the day of the event can be viewed on Azabu University's special "Azabu Standing Out" website.

Reference: [Azabu University "Azabu Dekiru Kugi" special site] Love is wonderful! Genepro Research Project 4th batch results presentation & graduation ceremony ~ Presentation posters will also be made public

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