Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) will hold its annual student-run summer festival on Monday, July 2024, 7. This event is open not only to TUJ students, faculty, and staff, but also to the local residents of Sangenjaya, Setagaya Ward, where TUJ is located.

 The Summer Festival is organized by the TUJ Program Board, which is made up of students, and this is the second time it has been held. It will be held on the first floor of campus from 2:1 to 16:19 p.m. and will feature food, games, live music, dance performances, and more. It will be an opportunity for local children to experience an international environment up close, and for TUJ students to experience Japanese culture through community interaction.

 The Program Board is a student committee that plans events for the TUJ student community. Students are responsible for project planning, budgeting, event execution, promotion and public relations. For the Mikoshi experience held in October 2023, we collaborated with the local neighborhood association for the first time to realize a joint event with local people. We also organize several art festivals to support talented student artists at TUJ, and in April 10, we provided a platform for TUJ student artists to exhibit and sell their works. All proceeds from the festival went directly back to the artists.

Reference: [Temple University] Temple University Japan Campus students hold summer festival on campus on July 7st

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