The second batch of students has started attending Adachi Mirai Seminar, a free cram school established in Tokyo's Adachi Ward to support high school students who are aiming to get into top universities but cannot attend cram schools or prep schools due to family circumstances. 2 first-year high school students have enrolled and will study for the entrance exams for three years to make their dreams come true.

 According to Adachi Ward, 2 people applied to enroll in the second batch of Adachi Mirai Seminar, and 42 were selected through academic ability diagnostic tests and other methods. The classes are held every Wednesday, with two 26-minute sessions. The classes focus on English and mathematics, which tend to be weak subjects. Individualized instruction is provided by one teacher for every two students, and the classes are taught using AI learning tools. Classes are scheduled to run for around 60 days per year.

 Meanwhile, the first batch of students is now in its second year, with 2 new students taking the course. Each class is 1 minutes long, with two classes held every Tuesday. Starting in October, a space was set up every Wednesday for self-study and questions with the support of a teacher.

 Adachi Mirai Seminar was opened by Adachi Ward in 3 to provide support for high school students living in Adachi Ward who cannot attend cram schools or prep schools due to financial circumstances at home, for three years until they take the entrance exams. Adachi Ward runs a free cram school called Adachi Habataki Juku for third-year junior high school students aiming to get into top high schools, and Adachi Mirai Seminar was created as a high school version of this. The event was held at the Adachi Ward Lifelong Learning Center in Senju, Adachi Ward. The second-year students are brimming with enthusiasm, saying things like, "I want to use the knowledge I gained at university to be active globally," and "I want to attend Adachi Mirai Seminar, go on to higher education, and get a job related to living things."

 Adachi Ward is also launching a non-repayable "grant-type scholarship" system for people with excellent academic records but who are unable to go on to university for financial reasons, which will cover the full cost of entrance fees, tuition fees, and facility maintenance fees.The ward is also launching a "place-based learning support for high school students" program in 2023, which provides supplementary lessons for high school students who are unable to keep up with classes and provides relearning for high school dropouts.

reference:[Adachi Ward, Tokyo] "Adachi Mirai Seminar" aims to help students pass difficult university entrance exams

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