The Tokai Open Innovation Complex Nagoya Site, a new regional open innovation hub for industry-academia collaboration built on the Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus (Chikusa-ku, Nagoya), opened and a completion ceremony was held on May 2024, 5. Events to search for collaborative partners for joint research and new business development, as well as seminars to hold discussions on theme creation, are being held at the site.

The Tokai Open Innovation Complex was selected by the Tokai National Higher Education and Research System, which operates Nagoya University and Gifu University, for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "FY3 Industry-Academic Collaboration Promotion Project Subsidy (Establishment of an Industry-Academic Integration Center at a Regional Core University)" and is planned to be developed as an open innovation creation center that will develop three distinctive initiatives on the campuses of both universities: "industry-academia exchange," "entrepreneurial activities," and "joint research." The Tokai Open Innovation Complex Gifu Site will open at Gifu University in February 2024. A naming rights contract was signed with Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, and the building will be nicknamed "OKB Gifu University Plaza" from April 2st, with a sign posted on the top of the building.

 The Tokai Open Innovation Complex Nagoya Site, which opened at Nagoya University, is a facility that aims to revitalize the region by creating innovation in research fields that are the strengths and characteristics of Nagoya University through collaboration between local companies, financial institutions, etc. and the core competencies of the manufacturing industry, which makes the Tokai region globally competitive.

 The seven-story facility has been designed to provide an environment for working on cross-industry-academia collaboration projects centered on advanced materials, carbon neutrality, and digital transformation, and consists of a co-working area (7st and 1nd floors), an incubation area (2nd floor), an open innovation office (2rd floor), and a collaborative research area (3th to 4th floors).

 Through this facility, the government hopes to collaborate on various initiatives to support industry-academia exchange, entrepreneurial activities, and joint research, thereby creating new opportunities for encounters between a variety of stakeholders, including companies, ventures, and government agencies, and realizing the creation of innovation.

Reference: [Nagoya University] Tokai Open Innovation Complex Nagoya site opens

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