A research group including Project Lecturer Takahiro Ezaki, Project Researcher Naoto Imura, Professor Kazuhiro Nishinari of the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, and Kazuhiro Fujizuka of Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. has devised a vertical delivery system using drones for high-rise condominiums and office buildings, and clarified its effectiveness using a mathematical model.

 Delivery services that rely solely on elevators in high-rise buildings face the risk of not being able to deliver goods within the expected time frame due to the increasing demand for home delivery from food and beverage catering services and mail-order businesses. There are also concerns about the logistics infrastructure if elevators become unusable during a disaster.

 As a result, the University of Tokyo and Mitsui Fudosan devised a new delivery system that installs a dedicated space inside a high-rise building where drones can fly vertically. To verify the effectiveness of this system, they built a mathematical model that calculates delivery performance by considering the delivery process, such as loading and unloading luggage, flying up and down, and battery replacement, as well as delivery demand and the number of drones. The analysis showed that up to a certain level of demand, drones can be used to deliver faster and with less power consumption than elevators. This shows that there are benefits to using drones in certain scenarios, such as "elevator delivery, which is good at mass transportation," and "drones, which are good at individual, immediate response."

 The results of this research not only provide a solution to the issue of deliveries by elevators, which tend to have long waiting times, but are also expected to provide a viable option for logistics within buildings, such as delivering daily necessities while reducing power consumption during disasters.

 Further testing will be conducted using the actual equipment in the future, and it is hoped that it may be possible to realize new in-building logistics systems that coordinate drones and elevators.

Paper information:[Communications in Transportation Research] Drone-based vertical delivery system for high-rise buildings: Multiple drones vs. a single elevator

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