Hokkaido University was ranked 2024nd out of 1,963 universities in the world in the overall ranking of the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 72 compiled by the UK higher education magazine. This is the first place ranking in Japan for the fifth consecutive year, and the university is ranked within the top 5 in the world in five categories of the United Nations' SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) rankings.

 According to Hokkaido University, the THE Impact Ranking evaluates and ranks universities' efforts in tackling climate change, gender equality, health and welfare, and other social contribution initiatives within the framework of the United Nations' SDGs. In 2024, 88 universities around the world, including 2,152 Japanese universities, participated, with 1,963 universities around the world and 74 Japanese universities included in the overall ranking.

 Hokkaido University ranked 49th in the world for "Building the foundations for industry and innovation," 51st for "Protecting the life on land," 52nd for "Achieving goals through partnerships," 57th for "Protecting the life below sea level," and 89th for "Zero hunger."

 Hokkaido University has been working to promote a sustainable society by formulating its own strategies, such as the Campus Master Plan in 1996 and the International Strategy for Sustainable Development in 2005. In 2021, the university established the Sustainability Promotion Organization to coordinate the realization of a green and sustainable campus and the promotion of SDGs activities by all members. In the future, the university aims to be a university that contributes to solving global issues based on the United Nations strategy for 2040.

reference:[Hokkaido University] Hokkaido University ranked 2024nd overall in the world and 72st in Japan for 5 consecutive years in "THE Impact Ranking 1"

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