On April 2024, 4, Tokyo University of the Arts held the 24th Researcher and Student Exchange Meeting, a tour, talk session, and information exchange event at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, with which the university has a comprehensive collaboration agreement. This was the second event based on the comprehensive collaboration agreement between the two schools concluded in 17, and the current status of research and development aimed at integrating the fields of medicine and the arts and creating a unique local community was also reported.

 According to Tokyo University of the Arts, the group from Tokyo University of the Arts visited the Advanced Dental Clinic and the latest regenerative medicine equipment at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, after which researchers from both universities reported on their latest efforts, including Associate Professor Jitsutoku Daisuke of the Joint Research Department of Cyber ​​Psychiatry introducing the fusion of art and cyber: a new approach to gaming behavior disorder, and Lecturer Hattori Mariko of the Department of Bioprosthetic Dentistry discussing dentistry and sound, color, and shape.

 Following the research presentations by students from both schools, an exchange of opinions was held, attended by approximately 150 people from both schools, and there was lively discussion that raised hopes for further developments in research that combines medicine and the arts.

 The two schools signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the aim of creating innovation, regional revitalization, and urban development through the fusion of medicine and the arts. This event follows the Tokyo University of the Arts tour held in February, and aims to explore the seeds of fusion between medicine and the arts by learning more about the efforts of both schools.

reference:[Tokyo University of the Arts] Second research matching event with Tokyo Medical and Dental University held

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