Keio University's Faculty of Science and Technology will adopt a new AO entrance examination format that places emphasis on the strength of interest in electrical and information engineering, mathematics, and chemistry from the 2025 academic year. Pass/fail will be determined based on a letter of intent that describes how the applicant became interested in each field, as well as problem-solving essay questions.

 According to Keio University's Faculty of Science and Technology, from the 2025 AO entrance exam, applicants who have the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Department of Mathematics, or Department of Chemistry as their first choice will be recruited by department, with particular emphasis on the strength of their interest in the academic field. Students who are expected to hone their skills in studies and extracurricular activities during high school and to be role models for other students after enrollment will be selected.

 For example, the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering is looking for applicants who fit the following student profile: "A strong interest in electronics that combines both hardware and software," "A desire to study subjects such as mathematics, physics (electrical circuits and electromagnetism) and information in depth," and "A willingness to lead the advanced information society in technical fields such as devices, lasers, semiconductors, image processing, communications, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and systems that apply mathematics." Please note that applicants cannot apply to multiple departments or change departments after enrollment.

 The application period is from Monday, September 2024th to Thursday, October 9rd, 30. The first selection will be based on the application documents, which will include a detailed statement of purpose, including the reasons why you have a deep interest in the field and the dreams and hopes you would like to achieve. The results will be announced on Friday, October 10th.

 The second selection will be a comprehensive examination on Saturday, December 2th, which will involve a written and written test to test logical thinking, and the results will be announced on the same day. However, the Chemistry Department will not hold this examination. The Chemistry Department will hold a third selection for those who pass the first selection.

 The third round of selection will be an interview on Sunday, December 3th, with the results announced on Friday, December 12th. In addition to checking logical thinking, the interview will take ample time to assess whether the candidate has qualities such as a strong intellectual curiosity and inquiring mind in the academic field of their choice, and a rich and flexible imagination.

 Students admitted through this entrance examination system will be assigned to a department from their first year instead of the usual second year, and will be able to use the programs set for their department from their first year. In addition, in addition to being provided with learning support from faculty, students will be able to participate in the creation and utilization of opportunities for interaction between AO entrants and those admitted through department-specific AO entrance examinations (Electrical and Information Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Chemistry).

reference:[Keio University] Undergraduate Admissions Guide - AO Admissions: Faculty of Science and Technology

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