Okayama University will stop accepting applications for night courses in the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics from the 2026 academic year and merge them into day courses. This is due to the spread of correspondence and online education, as well as the decline in demand from high school graduates due to the trend toward higher education. As a result, both faculties will change their enrollment quotas and admission selection procedures.

 Okayama University's Faculty of Law currently has an admissions quota of 205 students for day courses and 20 students for mainly night-time courses. However, due to the discontinuation of recruitment for the mainly night-time courses, from 2026 the admissions quota will be increased to 208 students for day-time courses only, and a new "working adult selection" (recruiting a small number of students) will be established.

 Okayama University's Faculty of Economics currently has an admission quota of 205 students for day courses and 40 for mainly night courses, but from 2026, the admission quota will be 210 for day courses only. Selection methods include "School Recommendation Selection I" (recruiting 5 students), which does not require the Common University Entrance Examination, as well as "Working Adult Selection" (recruiting a few students), similar to the Faculty of Law. In addition, for recruitment method A (for specialized and general departments) of "School Recommendation Selection II", which requires the Common University Entrance Examination, the standard for "overall academic performance" that can be recommended by the principal of the alma mater (such as a high school principal) will be changed from "4.0 or above" to "4.3 or above."

 As for night-time courses, the following schools have stopped accepting applications from 2020: Senshu University's Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Commerce, Kitakyushu City University's School of Regional Revitalization, Niigata University's Faculty of Economics, Maebashi Institute of Technology's Faculty of Engineering, Department of Integrated Design Engineering, Nagasaki University's Faculty of Economics, Toyama University's Faculty of Economics, and Ibaraki University's Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering. From the 2025 entrance exams, Shiga University's Faculty of Economics will stop accepting applications for night-time courses, and Tokushima University's Faculty of Science and Technology's Department of Science and Technology's night-time courses have announced they will be reducing their admission quota from 45 to 30.

Reference: [Okayama University] Suspension of enrollment for night courses at Okayama University's Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics and changes to admission selection for day courses

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